Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Bummer

Brett and Janell are leaving for Ithica today.
Extreme Home Makeover and that guy who doesn't really do anything, but be really tan and cry a lot are in town this weekend.
Our computer is on the fritz and I have to post/burn cds from work.
My good friend Cole is in town from Chicago and I cannot wait to hang out.
I have to get these tshirt photos Jess and I made for Etsy up pronto, but my computer being wonky is throwing a wrench in that.
My tentative super-belated spring cleaning yardsale is proving to be a task I may not be able to accomplish by next weekend.

Madness. Pure, unadulterated madness. This is a weekend of emotional ups and downs.

In non-related news, I definitely liked Lady Gaga a little better when she had some talent and was called Christina Aguilera. What a bunch of shock-factor garbage....My occasional fascination with pop-culture can only tolerate so much.