Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ketchup? Catch Up? Catsup?

Jason and I saw The Watchmen on Monday. It was spectacular. At nearly 3 hours, it could have sheered down a few of the artsy, sybolic scenes...but I understand what they were going for none the less. It stays pretty true to the graphic novel and it's visually stunning.

(Prepare yourselves)
I found out that they are re-making Never Ending Story, a re-make (or sequel) to Labyrinth, Nightmare on Elm Street (with Billy Bob Thornton as Freddie), and an in talks to create another addition to the Ghostbusters series. If 1959 claims to have the day the music died, then 2009 must surely lay claim to the death rattle of the film industry. Haven't we learned anything from the previous remakes (and subsequent flops) of iconic films? Whats next? A re-make of Karate Kid with Wilmer Valderrama? Ah Jeez...

Tuesday night Jason, Dave and I went to Cincy and hung out with Heather, Chad, and Beale. Three awesome friends who I don't see anywhere near enough. This was post drinking a cluster eff of adult beverages that really had no business being consumed together. Mid-day hangover?....Kinda

I'm going to be doing all or part of the beer & wine tasting at the deli saturday, depending on when I get finished with my tattoo appointment. Everyone should come up, or down, or whatever and get your pre-St Patty's day imbibing on. Speaking of which...I need to go stock up on Jameson. It's going to be a long day.

Until then I'll catch everyone on the flip side.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh Hell Yeah!

I am off work in 10 minutes and it is retardedly nice outside.



Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Forward

This weather is giving me some much needed hope.

Last night Evan wanted a gin & tonic. He was super amped about it. So we got some, but I stuck with my peche lambic. Tater came over and we had a House viewing of the first Planet Earth dvd while listening to Neurosis. It was ridic. I can't wait to synch one up with Spiritualized's "Ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space". The album blows me away as is, but to listen to it playing over the images of artic tundras and vast mountain ranges is what I think it's really meant for.

Tonight is Jeremy's birthday party and I'm going, even though I've never met the guy. I hear good things. 10 million Elvis fans can't be wrong, am I right?

Saturday Lee and Greg are coming to town. It's always good to see those guys. I'm gonna make snacks till I'm blue in the face. We are having a St Patty's day party. Irish breakfast at the Dublin Pub, nice weather, green everywhere. I can't wait. I love St. Patricks day, or as Jason calls it "Amateur Day". It's good to just be a hellion once in a blue moon. It's been a long, long time. I'm hoping things will be on the up and up. I was not in good sorts yesterday and, while I'm still on edge a little, I have faith things will get better soon.

The weather is finally listening to my not-so-subtle urges to hurry the fuck up and get warm. The time for late nights on porch-couch with new and old friends is just around the corner.

Oh! I almost forgot. I found this inspiration board from Snippet And Ink

It's a pretty accurate idea of how I'd like this wedding to feel. Enjoy!



Thursday, March 5, 2009


Wedding sitch is now resolved. My cousin called me and told me she was able to change her date to the following week. Big sigh of relief.

Went down to Cincinnati yesterday with Jason. Ate at Myra's. Best Thai Pumpkin soup in the universe. I highly recommend it to vegans/vegetarians/soup lovers/etc...

On a more serious note:
Went to my mom's, then went to my dad's. Found out some extremely disturbing news that I still can't shake off. Tear'd up a bit on the way home. I can't wait until 4 to talk to Kellie about this. I'm worried to say the least. I like to stay posi as best I can, but I feel like I'm going to endure my fair share of sleepless nights for a while. PMA...PMA...PMA.....

Boop, you're in my thoughts and I'm trying to work this all out.

Monday, March 2, 2009


So I have just recently found out my cousin has chosen to get married on the same day I am.

(cue shocked face)

The fuck of it is that we picked that date last summer to avoid such an incident. I thought we'd choose a date, tell everyone early, and then continue on planning from there. I love my cousin, I do. She is a sweet woman and I am totally happy for her, however I don't know what to do. Apparently she isn't able to change the date because family members of the groom have already purchased plane tickets and since she works in a hospital, the weeks for vacation time book up fast.

At this point I'm torn. Torn on whether or not to invite that side of the family. I mean, invitations are expensive. So is planning food, tables, alchohol, etc. etc. etc. for about 40 more people. Or do I just change the date alltogether? I mean, I can't do it a week earlier, or a week later. Or two weeks later. All of those conflict with other people's weddings. Sheesh. What a nightmare.

Serenity Now!