Thursday, February 25, 2010

One door closes, another opens.

So my seasonal position at the call center is coming to a close and I've been pretty stressed about working, and money, and bills, and all the wonderful things that go with being a responsible adult. I have an interview tomorrow morning with another call center and if I can land this position, things will be much more stable. Fingers crossed.

I have an appointment with Fullam tonight to work on my sleeve. I am so excited to see what the finished product will look like. I love his tattoo work. Check it out below, it's phenomenal. Fullam is so detailed and I am super thankful that he is doing this for me.


We are still planning on moving to Seattle, however since Jason will be on tour until the middle of May, we might have to wait until August to move. We will see. There is still time. At least that is the mantra I have been repeating in my head over and over again.


noirohio vintage said...

PMA!!! :)
(ps. we are thinking of relocation to seattle too ;)

e.p. said...

she's right... P.M.A. all day! ;) and thinking has turned to talking, i'm totally in because its the Pacific-Northwest not the west coast.

Shannon said...

Yeah, it was hard at first for me to disassociate Seattle and the Northwest Coast with The Southwest and L.A.

and how it should really just fall in to the ocean already.