Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Forward

This weather is giving me some much needed hope.

Last night Evan wanted a gin & tonic. He was super amped about it. So we got some, but I stuck with my peche lambic. Tater came over and we had a House viewing of the first Planet Earth dvd while listening to Neurosis. It was ridic. I can't wait to synch one up with Spiritualized's "Ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space". The album blows me away as is, but to listen to it playing over the images of artic tundras and vast mountain ranges is what I think it's really meant for.

Tonight is Jeremy's birthday party and I'm going, even though I've never met the guy. I hear good things. 10 million Elvis fans can't be wrong, am I right?

Saturday Lee and Greg are coming to town. It's always good to see those guys. I'm gonna make snacks till I'm blue in the face. We are having a St Patty's day party. Irish breakfast at the Dublin Pub, nice weather, green everywhere. I can't wait. I love St. Patricks day, or as Jason calls it "Amateur Day". It's good to just be a hellion once in a blue moon. It's been a long, long time. I'm hoping things will be on the up and up. I was not in good sorts yesterday and, while I'm still on edge a little, I have faith things will get better soon.

The weather is finally listening to my not-so-subtle urges to hurry the fuck up and get warm. The time for late nights on porch-couch with new and old friends is just around the corner.

Oh! I almost forgot. I found this inspiration board from Snippet And Ink

It's a pretty accurate idea of how I'd like this wedding to feel. Enjoy!



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