Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Busy Last Few Weeks

So I have been meaning to make an update for some time now, but I've been inundated with things to do the were a bit higher on my priority chain. Since I am at work now and essentially have loads of on-the-clock free time, I suppose theres no time like the present to re-cap on the past.

Lets see...

Jason's car was totalled. That's a big one. We were coming back from Karaoke at the Northside Tavern. Dave and Anna were with us and I had elected to drive, since I hadn't drank anything all night. A white pedder van hit us on the rear passenger side where Anna was dozing off. I was in the center lane, driving 65, (I don't mess around with speed limits at 3 am) and once the van slammed in to our little Toyota Corolla, it just kept on going. I have a picture of the car. We're very fortunate that no one was hurt at all. We're also fortunate because Jason had full coverage insurance and it covered his can since the van dipped. Fuck a bunch of whoever that asshole was.
Jason's amazing parents are giving him their Honda Civic which is awesome, and it is seemingly working out for the best. OH! Here is a photo of the (car)nage.



Apart from that I have been searching for a new job, since the call center I work at now is seasonal and the Deli is only a day or two a week. I had an interview yesterday with another call center and I think it went very well. I don't love working at call centers, but it usually pays well and I'm pretty good at it. I sort of want to go back to school so I can find a way to do something I enjoy doing AND get paid well for it....or at least sort of well.

I'm looking in to getting a decent bike and learning once and for all,. how to handle a fixed gear. I'm used to bikes without brakes, but there is something about the way fixed gears ride, that I still need to get the hang of.

I would really love to find a bike like this


If you happen to know anyone who is selling a bike around 54 cm that looks similar to this, let yo girl know.

So it's also time to get the fuck in shape. It's probably going to be warm soon (emphasis on "probably" since our weather these days is pretty apocalyptic and changes super drastically from day to day). I'd like to start running, but I'm only going to do that if other people are with me. I'm not about to get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with all these people getting mugged around the Oregon District. Eff that! I'm also going to start trying to make bi-weekly pilgrimages to stores with healthier fare. If I'm going to continue riding this domestic train of cooking a lot, it might as well be reasonably nutritious. So I'll set my goals for shaping up and trying to have the overabundance of energy I used to have. Wish me luck.

This weekend is Cincy Punk Fest. Oh how I am letting the nostalgia wash over me. This is going to be fun. Saturday Supercade, Spodie, Pincushion, Seedy Seeds, Arms Exploding, Turnbull AC's, Mint 6 Ten. It's going to seriously be like a big old Void show, minus 300 couches and the possibility of having to use Doug Fingers bathroom witht the shellac'd tv because the downstairs bathroom looked like Hurricane Katrina hit it and Beale was no doubt watching through a hole in the ceiling from the sound booth. Oh the memories.

I kinda miss being younger and going to shows for shows' sake. Thats how we found out about good local and up-and-coming national bands. That's also how I met some of the raddest people I know. I'm very thankful for whatever the cincy scene was when I was 16 on up, even if it was really like a dying star in those days. It still helped bring a lot of people together and I applaud Cincy Punk Fest for carrying that tradition, despite a generation of kids who go to shows to be seen...or scene.


Lets end on a positive note shall we? We're having a Lost Nite at our house tonight, so if you're an avid fan of the show, or just love hangin out with sweet people who break copious amounts of bottles, come over. I still have to watch the most recent episode, but I'm about to knock that out now. I'm pretty happy right now. Things are feelin Spring-y.




Brittany Justice said...

I didn't know you lived that close :(

I will come to one of the Cincypunkfest nights though so I can give you that hug and hello!

noirohio vintage said...

SHIT! I'm so glad you guys are alright!
That's fucking gnarly.