Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl Talk

Generally I remain pretty mum about my fashion/style obsessions, but I need to get a few things off my chest so I don't, (no joke) have a bizzaro dream about them. This is the point where most of the dudes I know will amble in to the other room and make a hot pocket or something... so feel free to do so if this is boring to you. I understand.

First off, I just stumbled across a blog mentioning that Alexander McQueen was doing a line for Target. Fucking stellar right!? Wrong... I would link to the blog, but it's a moot point really. I'm pretty sure Mr McQueen spent all of thirty minutes sketching out these outfits with a liquid eyeliner pen while he was taking a mid-day crap. The aforementioned crap coincidentally, must have been the inspiration for this line. Consisting of boring basics, mismatched color pallets, and oddly placed studs, it bears resemblance to what would happen to a closet full of workout clothing if you let 9 year olds bedazzle everything.

Is your stomach turning yet?

My point is, for such a well known and well respected avant garde fashion designer, you would have thought he might put a modicum of effort in to relating hiS product to people who might buy it en-mass. Perhaps someone jokingly suggested Mr. Mcqueen not work too hard, and he took it to heart. Either way, I give it a big thumbs down.

Next...I know I'm way, way behind the times on nearly everything in fashion. About this I could generally care less about cause you know all that shit cycles back around again within a decade or so (hello grunge!?).

Except for this. Apparently about a year ago, Sam Edelman created a line of Balanciaga-inspired shoes for Victoria Secret.


They are almost exact knock-offs of the original and they are fucking fantastic in my opinion. Jason told me they look like goth tranny shoes and he's probably right, but I told him to take a hike and go get a hot pocket or something so let's carry on. Unfortunately they are gone from VS and while they occasionally pop up Ebay, they sell for several hundred dollars. Considering the originals retailed for around $179, that's a hefty mark-up. Supply and demand I guess. Anywho...I'll be lusting after these forever I s'pose. Unless I stumble across another pair, that are reasonable, and my size.

Alright I'm finished for now.



noirohio vintage said...

Dude. I was kinda stoked for the collection--(which of course did NOT even make it into any target stores here).. but then I read a few peep's feedback about it and it bummed me out. cheap material -- even more cheaply made. the only thing I really wanted was that gray & black wrap one shoulder dress anyway...

as for the sam edelmans-- I love em. Everytime i find some on eBay they end up selling for over $400. WTF. I mean seriously?

Brittany Justice said...

I saw the Alexander McQueen shit and it was literally that - shit. Awful awful awful. Did you see the hot pink, black, and white track-suit material dresses? I couldn't even laugh at them. They just made me sad.