Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chit-Chat and New Stuff

So I scrapped the play by play and just settled upon actually spending my vacation the way it's supposed to be spent, having a phenomenal time.

I'll update photos taken on vacation a bit later, but I do want to mention that I'm setting up an Etsy store to sell these deconstructed/shredded shirts I've been making. They are custom made and I can do all sorts of different patterns with the shredding. If you want buy one or know anyone who does, just email or call me and We'll work something out. I have about 5 under my belt so far and they are super comfy fabrics. Here is a photo of one of them I've made. It's super basic, but it illustrates what I mean. I'll have more photos and a store up soon.

I also bought these Steve Madden shoes recently and I fucking LOVE them.

Thanks Summer, for making shoes like this possible.

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noirohio vintage said...

HELL YEAH. I love these shirts. I've been seeing them alot lately but shit they look comfy. I wanna see more!

PS. LOVE those shoes. I think I have the same one's in black. The heel is so good!!