Thursday, February 26, 2009

~> WINNER <~

So I won the two Josh's tattoo contest @ Truth and Triumph. I am freaking the eff out! I need to figure out where I'm gonna put this beast. Here is the entry I submitted.


It's a painting done by Bethany Marchman. Check out her stuff. It's B.A.

Bethany Marchman

Today is going to be even better than yesterday. I get off at 4, get to close at the deli with Jason. I had Panera's Mediteranean veggie sammy and it's the jam. I get paid tomorrow. I moved over all our music onto the external HD to free up space for pro-tools. Stoked doesn't even start to describe it.

Oh and Jason is learning to play his banjo bit by bit which is adorable.

(See for yourself)


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